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            Stealth Drones Premiere at the UCLA Art - Sci Center Gallery, December 5, 2019
            Drone Sweet Drone. CAADRIA conference, Wellington April 2019.
DIFFERENT EYES, a drone art exhibition, MONOPOL:i gallery, September 2018
Ars Electronica festival, Feminist Climate Change exhibition: 6-11.9.2017.
Exhibition at the UCLA Art - Sci Center Gallery, Premiere May 5th, 2016.
            Sleep Leap, single channel video, 25 frames. Featured at the Leap Second Festival, 31.dec 2016 23:59:60 (UTC) to 1. jan 00:00:00
            Film Series I by Carol Brown, Anne Niemetz, Margie Medlin, performed at Tempo Dance Festival Auckland, 10-12 Oct 2014.
            WoW - World of Wearable Art - premieres the wearable technology design 'Starship Pirouette'. Wellington, 26.9. - 6.10.2013
            'Forks in Sockets' - an electric spectacle.
Sonic performance with Pyramider and MechBass - a tesla coil and robotic bass guitar. Real-time computer graphics and a wirelssly illuminated kinetic sculpture. VUW School of Design, September 20, 2013
            BODY festival Christchurch premiers the interactive performance REVOLVE by Carol Brown, Anne Niemetz and collaborators at the GeoDome, Christchurch Events Village, Oct 4 & 5, 2011 
            The Standing Waves video documentation is presented in the Waking Incubator exhibitions at The 35th Annual Meeting of the Brazilian Society for Neuroscience and Behaviour, September 8-11, 2010, Caxambu, Brazil; the Worldsleep 2011 conference in Kyoto, October 2011; and the Te Manawa Museum of Art, Science and History event on December 13th 2011 by START.
            Les Particules Noires - music, dance and video performance. Produced by Art Zoyd. Premiere: Centre des Arts d'Enghien-les-Bains, France. November 20, 2010
            KAIRO - The Network, multimedia opera. Collaboration with musicians and producers Art Zoyd. Premiere: Dec 11, 2009, Le Phenix Valenciennes, France.
            Microwave International New Media Arts Festival 2008 exhibits The Dark Side of the Cell III in Hong Kong. November 7 - 16, 2008
            Void/Light is screened in the program LoopSanctuary: Dreaming A New Real in Troy, NY, Jan 11, 2008; the exhibition "The Mirror Stage" presented by IMCA, Cyprus. 17 - 22 September 2008; the CologneOFF IV LAB, the extended festival program of the Cologne Online Film Festival. September 2008
            Projections on Lake, the first program, Pasadena, CA, features Hommage a Max Ernst, 6/2007 - present
            UCLA Design | Media Arts Alumni Exhibition, Broad Art Center: Stretching L.A., 11/14 - 18, 2006
   online feature as special guest. 10/23 - 11/7, 2006
            Happy New Ears festival for new music in Kortrijk, Belgium: Sub_Trakt II, interactive installation. Collaboration with Holger Förterer. 9/23 - 10/8, 2006
            informARTics@zkm//hfg///: The Dark Side of the Cell II, audio-visual installation. Collaboration with Andrew Pelling. 5/12 - 21, 2006
            Little Things: exhibition at the Blue 7 Gallery in Santa Monica, including They destroyed most of their baggage, which was immense by Anne Niemetz & Davey Whitcraft. Reception 12/3/2005-1/2/2006
            18th Street Art Center, Santa Monica. EZTV and Crazy Space present Hacking the Timeline - A non-definitive history of digital art: video documentations of Sub_Trakt, The Dark Side of the Cell and Stretching L.A. 12/2004
            Transmediale_extended festival, Museo de Arte Contemporaneo, Santiago de Chile 11-12/2003, as well as Halls and theatre of HfG Karlsruhe 1-2/2002: Sub_Trakt version I + II, interactive installation. Collaboration with Holger Förterer.
            Los Angeles County Museum of Art: The Dark Side of the Cell, concert and installation. Collaboration with Andrew Pelling. 6/2004
            Siggraph Festival 2003 CyberFashion show, San Diego: Suspending Disbelief, interactive live performance. 7/2003
            Westweek: LALALA exhibition, Pacific Design Center, Hollywood: Stretching L.A., interactive installation. 3/2003
            Festival d'experiences robotiques, Parc d'Aventures Scientifiques, Belgium: Verbo Moteurs, remote controlled talking blimps. Collaboration with Julie Méalin. 2001
            "de een minuten" tv program, Sandberg Institute and Montevideo Institute Amsterdam: Kurz und bündig, video. 2001
            Winston Artist Hotel Amsterdam: The Travellers Room, guest room design. 2000
            Biennale Arte Emergente (BIG), Torino, Italy: [k]rash II, www-project. 2000
            Stuttgarter Filmwinter, Germany: [k]rash I, www-project. 2000
            Airail Terminal Frankfurt: Airail Lounge, interactive environment and chill-out lounge. Collaboration with Supreme Particles. 2000
            Montevideo Institut Amsterdam 2000, as well as Zentrum fuer Kunst und Medientechnologie (ZKM), Karlsruhe, Germany 1999: Noise Ratio, interactive installation.
            Medienmuseum, ZKM Karlsruhe: 2^49, interactive sound installation. 1-2/1999
            Orgelfabrik Durlach 11/ 27+11/28/1998, as well as HfG-Film im ZKM Karlsruhe 7/1999: EINZELL ADERN, performance + video.
            Arosa2000-Festival Frankfurt 1998, Vamp-TV, FAB Berlin 8/28/1998, as well as Kunsthalle Stuttgart 1998 screen Von der Begegnung mit Eris in 5 Mutationen, video.
            Hochschule fuer Gestaltung Karlsruhe: Nana, sound installation. 11/19/1997