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        Interview feature 'Ho & Niemetz: Women of a Modern Artistic Era, or, How Two Women Brought Technology into their Crafts' on Entropy Magazine, July 2019. PDF ->here    
        The fishes and I were portrayed in the Humans of Aro Valley project by Kalen Acquisto. Aro Valley Community Centre, Wellington, March 22, 2018.    
        "Wowing with Wearables", C-Prize interview 2.10.2017, also featured on Idealog.    
        Feature in "Victorious", issue 1, 2016    
        Feature in the Vic Uni "Ask A Researcher" series: What do you envision for the future of wearable technology? (video Dec 2015)    
        "Rest Sleep Wake: Soma-Science Scores for 'Performing' Sleep" by Anne Niemetz, Carol Brown, Margie Medlin, Russell Scoones. Journal of Dance and Somatic Practices Vol. 5, 2013    
        "Score for collaborative production process of REVOLVE" by Carol Brown, Anne Niemetz, Margie Medlin, Russell Scoones
International Journal of Performance Arts & Digital Media, Vol. 9 No. 1, 2013
        Technical reviewer for "Arduino Wearables" by Tony Olsson, published by Apress, 2012    
        Interview with Anne Niemetz by Pamela Wu for uOttawa's Peer Review Radio "bringing science back to the people". Listen ->here. Sept 2011    
        Paper "Performing Sleep/Wake Cycles: An Arts-Science Dialogue through Embodied Technologies" [pdf] by Anne Niemetz, Carol Brown, Philippa Gander published in Body, Space & Technology Journal Vol 10/01. April 2011    
        The Catalan Journal Mètode publishes work by Anne Niemetz and Andrew Pelling in its edition "Nano", April 2010.    
        Transient Creatures. Kwong, J., To, D., Ng, N, Eds. The book accompanying the Microwave Interational New Media Arts Festival 2008 features The Dark Side Of The Cell III.    
        Alumnus interview with Anne Niemetz featured in the Annual Report 2006/2007 book of the Hochschule fuer Gestaltung Karlsruhe (University of Arts and Design). 2008    
        Ad!dict Lab features The Dark Side Of The Cell in its Nano Research edition. Vol 27, June 2007    
        The Dark Side Of The Cell interview with Niemetz & Pelling is broadcasted on SÜDWEST TV, 10/18/05, Schweizer TV DRS, 10/19/05, within the program of the International Media Art Award.    
        "Singende Zellen, Kunst, Wissenschaft und das Rauschen dazwischen" by Anne Niemetz & Andrew Pelling published in unSICHTBARes. Kunst_Wissenschaft. Barbara Könches und Peter Weibel. 10/2005     
        Stretching L.A. featured in XtremeFashion. Editors: Courtenay Smith + Sean Topham, Prestel Verlag. 3/2005    
        Ben Adair’s interview with Niemetz & Pelling is broadcasted on KPCC - Pacific Drift, 2/6/2005 and NPR - Hearing Voices, 3/20/05    
        MFA Thesis paper: Singing cells, art, science and the noise in between. Graduation from the UCLA Design|Media Arts department. 2004    
        Der Spiegel Online: “Der gespenstische Gesang der Zellen” report on The Dark Side Of The Cell. 7/2004    
        Noise Ratio is included in Slavko Kacunko's book Closed Circuit Videoinstallationen: Ein Leitfaden zur Geschichte und Theorie der Medienkunst mit Bausteinen eines Künstlerlexikons, Logos Berlin. 2004    
        SUB_TRAKT publications. Catalogs and articles. 2002-2006    
        Karlsruher Ikonotope 1992-2002. 10 year anniversary book of the Hochschule fuer Gestaltung Karlsruhe. 2002    
        Holger Förterer and Anne Niemetz Showreel DVD: DVD with selected works by Holger Förterer and Anne Niemetz. 2002