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      House Brooch - repurposed satellite dish, Nov 2022.      
      I was immortalised in the board game Myth of Theuth by qujOchÖ, Feb 2018: "Myth of Theuth, our game for artists, philosophers & gods has been extended with a X-Flash-Station. It is called 'The Mind is a Slaytor' and dedicated to the winner from our presentation at last years Ars Electronica Festival 2017, the almighty Anne Niemetz aka Niemo."      
      Artist residency at the David Bermant Foundation 2016/2017.      
      Participation in the Kiwi Foo Camp 2013 and Kiwi Foo Camp 2017      
      Cell Self - Self-Representation, Clichés, Serendipitous Discoveries. An experiment in self-portraiture, with Andrew Pelling. 2009-1012      
      Participation in the Waking Arts/Science incubator project from Jan 30 - Feb 6, 2010. 'Open Laboratory' on Feb 6, The Print Factory Wellington. Development of experimental interactive "Binaural Beat" performance system.      
      The Jolly Recycler - an upcycled plastic flag project. Oct 2007      
      UCLA Design | Media Arts
Summer Institute: HTML and Flash site 2005 and 2006
      New Typographers: HTML site for the artist. 2005      
      UCLA ART | SCI CENTER: HTML site. 2005    Flash site for the sound artist. 2004-06      
      Regalia7: Flash site for the Fashion/New Media company. 2004-06      
      Cellular Windows: proposal for a piece at the Armand Hammer Museum. Collaboration with Andrew Pelling. 2003    complain about it! The remainders of the project can be found here. 2003 2002      
      Exploring L.A. in a situationist manner: go downtown and find your way back to UCLA. No city maps allowed. Make a map of your experience. Class of Benjamin Bratton. 2002      
      Paper: A Universal Language: the myth, search and experiments. Graduate Seminar Prof. Erkki Huhtamo. 2002      
      Insideout: embedded cinema project proposal. Class of Benjamin Bratton. 2002      
      Soundsticker concepts: An MP3 player housed in a small disc that can be surreptitiously placed on any environmental surface. Class of Benjamin Bratton. 2002      
      MissOS: layout for the adime home site. Unfinished project. 2000      
      [k]rash II: HTML/JavaScript project (macOS <9x + netscape platform only). 2000      
      [k]rash I: HTML/JavaScript project (macOS <9x + netscape platform only). 1999      
      the anneristic universe: HTML/JavaScript project. 1997      
      the four seasons: mac crash art. Screenshots. 1996-97