Video Archive 1998 - 2002



Showreel Video - Work 1998-2002
This video is a compilation of video documentations of 9 different projects. It gives an overview over the variety of my work at the time.

Showreel 2002 - 6:40 min
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Stretching L.A. - video installation of interactive suspenders performance 2003
This video was shown at the LALALA exhibit, Pacific Design Center. I invented the interactive suspenders, taped the performers "stretching it" and edited the video.
For more info on the project see the Stretching L.A. project page.

Stretching L.A. video - 3 min
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The dark side of the cell - singing cell concert 2004
For this concert of scientifically discovered cell sound my collaborator Andrew Pelling and I created sculptures, onto which we projected imagery of the singing cells. I made all videos from mostly still footage - microscopic imagery - according to a score, which Andrew and I developed together. The concert/installation was premiered at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. For more info please see

The dark side of the cell video documentation - 4 min
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AIRail Lounge - interactive environment 2000
Supreme Particles, the art group I used to work with, designed a complete chill-out lounge for the AIRail Terminal Airport Frankfurt including interactive audio-visual installations. This project was an EXPO 2000 satellite project.
I created several of the videos that were shown in the lounge. Here is one of the clips that was triggered when a visitor looked into a cylindrical object, therefore the round mask.
More info about Airail

AIRail Spot - 0:36 min
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any/nano/body - performance documentation 2004
any/nano/body was a performance event of innovative choreography and site-specific improvisation by choreographers Marianne Kim and Norah Zuniga Shaw. It was premiered at the nano exhibition on June 20th, and repeated as a closing ceremony on September 5th. This documentation includes video footage of both shows, and was created to serve as documentation for the performers as well as demonstration of how the dancers interacted with the various installations in the nano exhibition.

any/nano/body - 21 min
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Tracking - album release-party video 2001
This was a ~30 minute video loop shown on multiple screens at the release-party of the album "Tracking" by Tricky Cris at the Ostparkclub in Frankfurt (elektrolux lable). I created the video based on the cover layout of the album.

Tracking excerpt - 2 min
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Mirth - contemporary dance performance 2002
Choreography: Arco Renz; Video stage design: Anna Saup + Anne Niemetz
Kobalt Works Production
This 1-hour performance was premiered at the STUK theatre in Leuven, Belgium.
Further presentations took place in Antwerpen, Belgium and France. I met with the choreographer before hand to discuss the content and expression the piece aspires, and then produced the videos with Anna according to our score.

Mirth excerpt - 1 min
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Hommage à Max Ernst - video loop 2003
Hommage à Max Ernst adapts the compositional layout of the picture “Vox Angelica” painted by Max Ernst in 1943. Considering that the duration of the video loop is only 12 seconds, the piece may be described as an “animated painting”.
More Information

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Sylphen - video for an experimental music project 2001
This video was shown at the concert of GIJODEE - Jochen Bauer (guitar), Christoph Giga Brunner (vibraphone) and Didi Foth (electronics) - at the Sternberg AV Karlsruhe. Their music called for a psychedelic and mysterious, playful and impish video.

Sylphen excerpt - 3:40 min
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R111- interactive installation 1999
The artist group Supreme Particles was commissioned to create an installation space in a deserted brewery complex (the Lindenbrauerei) in Unna as part of the "Connected Cities" project of the Wilhelm-Lehmbruck-Museum Duisburg, Germany. Before the installation was set up, a demo video was needed to present the concept and work in progress. I made this demo video from the visual materials we had at the time - spatial plans, photographs, 3D models and short video clips. R111 was presented in Germany, France and Japan.

R111 demo - 3 min
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EinzellAdern - video and guitar performance 1998
This video tells the story of an evolution and was created to complement the live music of guitarist Jochen Bauer. The performance lasted 10 minutes (the length of the video) and was shown during a series of artistic events at the Orgelfabrik Karlsruhe, Germany.

EinzellAdern excerpt - 4 min
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Kurz und Bündig - video 2000
This clip was shown during the "De Een Minuten" program of the Sandberg Institute Amsterdam, Netherlands.
"De Een Minuten" TV-show presented a series of video clips by international artists. Make sure you have the volume turned up when you watch this clip!

Kurz und Bündig - 0:40 min
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Red Milk - visual interactive choreography 1999
Red Milk was an interactive concert Michael Saup and I created together. We designed the visuals on 4 screens to complement the orchestral music composed by Pierre Vasseur. This interactive concert lasted 20 minutes and was part of the "Dangerous Visions II" festival in France, produced by epidemic. Further presentations included Mexico City and the Donaufestival in St. Pölten, Austria.

Red Milk docu video - 4 min
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Global Hockets - visual interactive choreography 1998
This project is a collaboration of the German art group Supreme Particles, and From Scratch, a music group from New Zealand. For this show I produced the video content that complemented the interactive visuals of Michael Saup. During Supreme Particles shows I was also generally in charge of the live operation of the video matrix. The concert was presented at the International Festival of the Arts, Wellington, New Zealand; the World Wide Video Festival, Amsterdam, Holland; the Ars Electronica Festival, Linz, Austria. For more information please see the Global Hockets site.

Global Hockets docu video - 6:30 min
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