Film Series
by Carol Brown, Anne Niemetz, Margie Medlin
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Film Series is a performance work combining dance, film, interactive and wearable technologies.

Opening with an intense view in a rear view mirror we are sent back to a lost utopian Godzone in a Tardis-like time machine. Sepia educational archive film is somewhat ironically foregrounded with some good old-fashioned, retro chair dancing and enigmatic contemporary dance in which a Darwinian tale of reptilian evolution into a digital future is re-enacted, danced with a suitably intriguing attitude by Zahra Killeen-Chance and Julie van Renen.    Dr Linda Ashley, 11 Oct 2014,

Film Series I was performed at Tempo Dance Festival 10th October 2014 - 12th October 2014,
Q Theatre, Auckland



Film Series #1